Fall Semester Reflections

There are many reasons why I wanted to attend SFIAM. I mainly chose this school because there was going to be technology involved and there would be more activities. I thought many good things of this school and I still do. I wanted to come to this school because my friends also thought this school was going to be a blast. I also heard that there were going to be new and some of our favorite teachers from our old school SFMS. I wanted to participate in all the new sports that SFIAM. There are many interesting things about SFIAM that encouraged me to attend the school.

This fall semester I have accomplished and planned to accomplish many things. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to keep all my grades up and learn more about technology. I have kept all my grades up and worked very hard to earn them, keeping your grades up is a very important thing to do and accomplish. I have learned many things about technology like animating, slide shows, and many new programs to animate. I learned many things in each class. I learned about colonies, triangles, exercising, and etc. I’ve done many projects and test that were a real challenge but learned how to conquer them. Learning new things ion this school is the best once you get the hang of stuff here and you accomplish many things for your education.

I would improve some things in my education. I would try to have better test scores and be more creative for projects. there are going to be many things along the way that won’t be the best but there’s always improvement. I will try to keep parents, teachers, and others proud. I’ll have more expectations of SFIAM and myself. Going to work harder and have a better education.

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Paraphrasing- Paul Revere’s Ride

1. Come and listen lads so you can hear the great story of the  midnight ride of Paul Revere, On April 18,1775; Hardly a man standing up, living but who remembers those times.

2.Paul Revere spoke to his friend and told him to look out if the British soldiers appeared anywhere possible; He was to hang a lantern on the belfry arch of the north church tower as a signal light, and he was to hang one lantern if the British were to come by land and two if by sea. Paul Revere searching on the opposite side and leaving with his galloping horse back to the village looking out for the signals to alarm the people.

3.Paul said “Goodnight” to his friend when a phantom ship, with each mast and spar which was like a prison bar across the moon appeared.

4.Meanwhile, Paul’s friend was running around through any place possible like a mouse looking for cheese anywhere possible. He was looking out for the British. He heard nothing but the wind crying until he heard guns, loading weapons, and people marching and knew who it was and knew what to do.

5.He rushed to the church tower scaring the pigeons away from their comfort zone. climbed and climbed till a sudden pause to glare above the tower.

6.The dead laying beneath the churchyard, whispering “All as well”. Suddenly all his thoughts were bent, on a shadowy something far away where the river widens to meet the bay.

7.Meanwhile, Paul Revere on the opposite side, was patting his horse and gazing eagerly to see if his friend had put up the signals. Suddenly he looked over once more and saw the beam of the lantern, he springs to the saddle and sees the second light signaled.

8.There was a hurry of hoofs in the village street. Paul Revere riding his horse fearless and fleet. The fate of the nation riding across the village to the opposite end. passing the ocean and under the alders, the tramp of his steed is heard while riding.

9.It was then twelve o’clock according to the village clock, when he crossed the bridge into Medford town and heard the clock ticking and the noises surrounding him. Seeing the rises after the sun going down.

10.By then it was 1 o’clock. Paul Revere galloping into Lexington. He then saw a glided weathercock. Moonlight swimming as he passed.

11.Revere picturing bloody windows just blood splattered everywhere, as if they already stood terrified.

12.Then it was two o ‘clock, when Paul came across the bridge hearing the bleating of the flock, birds chattering and chipping, and feeling the morning breeze. Only one safe bed and the bridge the first to fall and that day lying dead.

13.You knowing the rest like many other books you have read of the British shot and fought. Chasing and rushing for the red coats down the streets, crossing farms and under trees waiting for the apples to fall, turning the way the road was made, and only taking a break to fire a shot.

14.So this is the famous adventure of Paul Revere’s ride, and his alarming message going through the every Middlesex village. Hearing an echo of a voice saying “Forevermore!” Through all our history the people receiving the message and awakening aghast. The hurrying of beats and the cry of Paul Revere and his great courage, without any fear.

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Paul Revere’s Ride April 18,1775

I learned that Paul Revere was a messenger.  On April 18,1775 Paul Revere told his friend to be the look out if the British ever came by land or sea. Paul Revere’s friend climbed up the north church tower and was looking out for them. Paul revere told him if he had seen the British to flash the lantern twice. Paul Revere went back to the village on his horse to look out if the British were coming. His friend then heard noises like guns loading and footsteps. He then flashed the lantern twice and Paul Revere went around knocking and saying ‘The British are coming, The British are coming.’

What role did William Dawes play in the midnight ride?                                                         William Dawes plays the role of alarming and alerting people.

What role did Paul Revere play?                                                                                                        Paul Revere was a messenger and warned the people in his village that the British were coming.

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How to use a tool- Stapler

A stapler is used for keeping papers together. It helps you keep information organized  and put together. You wont lose papers that are meant to stay together.

Materials- Stapler, staples, paper


1. Have your stapler with staples filled inside and have your papers ready to go

2. Then grab your papers and put them in the order and the style you want

3. Grab the stapler from the outside

4. Put the papers between the stapler (the stapler looks like its split and thats where it will be between )

5. When you have your papers between the stapler and have your papers in any position that you want for you to staple it  (It could be the left/right corner of the paper, middle or the sides)

6. When you have your position set firmly press on the stapler while holding your papers and stapler(Don’t get hurt!)

7. Then you finally have your papers stapled and ready to go and have your papers orginized.

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